It’s so wonderful outside! It’s raining, but it’s still peaceful and great. The world’s in bloom and it puts me in a healthy mood. At my parents house, our neighbors’ dogwoods are nothing but flowers. They’ve become behives. If you stand next to the trees and unfocus your eyes, you can see them all at once. And you can hear the low, majestic buzz of a thousand tiny wings. Makes me love bein’ outside.

I should start going back to the fish hatchery now that warm weather is here(ish). I love killing the day out there. I always see so many cool things. I remember a couple years ago, I saw an otter (or a beaver?) swimming in the reservoir next to me as I walked. It was so cool! I’d like to think it was following me.

Da, da, da. I’m tired.


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  Alicia Banaszewski wrote @

I want to go to the fish hatchery!?

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