I’ve just recently finished The Rose Metal Press Field Guide to Prose Poetry and I must say, I really enjoyed it. It wasn’t what I originally expected, but I guess I didn’t know what to expect in the first place. The anthology is essentially a collection of essays written by poets, each discussing their sentiments toward the “prose poem,” or rather, the boundaries (if any) between prose and poetry. The most entertaining/interesting feature of the book, however, was it’s utter brilliance of poetic color and texture. (Overly dramatic, I know, but bear with me.) Each essay was basically a prose poem in itself; a perfect line could be drawn between the voices in the authors’ featured poems and their corresponding essays, and vice versa. And, and, and. C’est beau.

The field guide is unique, and maybe that’s the appeal. Either way, if you’re curious: peek your head in.

Find it here.


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  Gary L. McDowell wrote @

Thanks, Brian. You’re a gem, my friend.

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