gray sky, green water, beautiful day

I’ve seldom had such a wonderful experience in solitude today. I spent the afternoon in South Haven about a mile north of the state park—no one was out there! It was cloudy but still beautiful. Out across the water you could see rain spill out onto the lake—as soon as the clouds arrived, however, all was dried up. I was half hoping for the rain. I went dune exploring, but grew too tired to continue after awhile. The hot sand and beach grass was brutal on my bare feet; the views were amazing regardless. I attempted to take some artsy photographs of my footprints and such, but I don’t know how well those will turn out. Probably not at all. (Speaking of pictures, I need to develop all my old rolls. I can’t wait.) Eventually, I made my way into the water and splashed around until boredom set in. Swimming alone is slightly strange—I felt as if I was missing something—maybe a friend, maybe a toy. After that, I read on a log. There were lady bugs everywhere, both dead and living.

I have to stop. I could go on forever. I, I, I. Enough about me.


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