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I smell so bad! Better deodorant is in the cards.

Hey, I’m moved in!

Things are great. I’ve still got a few more things to bring, though. Eh.

My roommates are fun to be with, and mellow. Mellow is so nice right now. And my room is fun, too. I slept so well last night; W. Main puts me to sleep. The trains don’t even wake me up. I like their sound, even their horns. In fact, I hear one way off in the distance right now. Long, long, short, long. Love it.

deth p sun!

I’ve had a sudden urge to read. I hadn’t realized it until a few minutes ago just how many books I have in my possession that I’d actually like to read. Who knows if I’ll stomach any of them. Maybe one, maybe all. The point is, I’ve never been so excited to read something in my recent life. I see this as good.

i’m sick of this blog